Syma X11 Review – Still Worth Buying?

Today we are reviewing one of the most popular low-end quadcopters around. Yes, you know it already. We are doing a Syma X11 review today. Syma X11 from the brand Syma is considered as one of the most selling value-based priced quadcopters in the current market. The version that we are reviewing today does not have a camera, but there are other versions with a camera that you can find in the same link that we are providing. There are six different versions of Syma X11 right now in the market, and there is a chance that they will come up with more. Versions basically differ in terms of color, camera & flying time, so be careful and check those out before you finalize the purchase decision. Syma X11 is actually more of a fun quadcopter than of real use, so you need to keep that in mind too while you are purchasing this piece. Syma X11 is considered one of the most bigger friendly, and most accessible quadcopters to fly, so if you are new, you now know what to choose.

Features of Syma X11 Quadcopter

Now, as we said in the introduction, Syma X11 is basically an entry-level quadcopter that anyone can buy and enjoy. Frankly, the features are not remarkable, but if you compared it with the price, it is beyond imagination (100%). This is a four-channel quadcopter that can obviously be used both indoor and outdoor. This is the perfect one if you want to scare your pet or if you just want to have some fun time in the yard. There is an axis stabilization system installed in Syma X11, which ensures that the copter does not lose balance in the sky, which ultimately means that the chance of damage is minimum here.

When we did a research Syma X11 review, we found tons of customers who are using this product and are completely satisfied with it.

You will get an extra set of propellers and guard with the package, which you should keep in a safe place for the future.


  • You will get 2-speed modes in Syma X11
  • Both USB & Cable charging are available
  • The quadcopter runs with a Lithium battery
  • You will need 4 AA size batteries for the controller
  • The flying time is around 7 minutes
  • The distance that you can reach is 40 meters.

Now, everything you read in our Syma X11 review till now was good things. Let’s have a look at some of the negative sides of this product. It is crucial to know everything before you finalize the decision, so the cons really play an essential role.


  • Not long-lasting (don’t expect it to fly more than two years on an average)
  • Propellers are kind of weak compared to other quadcopters

Note: We do not own this video. This is a YouTube video, but we checked the quality properly before we posted it here for you guys.

Final Words

Well, as you read from our Syma X11 review, this quadcopter is more of a fun and regular use one than being something special. Most people buy 2-3 pieces at once and use one after another. This is an excellent product for your kids as they will love it. You can go for this one if you are a newbie and are looking for something at a vast price range.

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